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Our Advocare Page

Robert and Valerie Webre live in Cypress, Texas where they are parents to two grown daughters, Alyson and Ashley as well as Robbie, 11 and Morgan, 9. They are the owners of Cypress Tae Kwon Do in Cypress and Robert is also an adjunct professor at Lone Star College. Their flexible schedule allows them the opportunity to homeschool their children and spend quality time together.

Robert has trained in TaeKwon Do for the past 12 years. He also trains in JiuJitsu, kickboxing, weight training, and enjoys playing golf. As an athlete, Robert has always used supplements to improve his training. When introduced to Advocare, he immediately saw an opportunity to buy quality supplements from their own business instead of buying them online or at the local nutrition store. Additionally, Robert saw a great opportunity to provide nutritional supplements to his students to improve their training and help them meet their fitness and weight goals.

Valerie has struggled with weight most of her life. As a yo-yo dieter, she has worked hard at losing weight through diet and exercise only to gain it back later. Advocare represented a solution through the Trim line for Valerie to use quality products while on her journey to better health. Having a supportive team along with the commitment to grow a business, Valerie sees Advocare as a blessing that came along at just the right time.

The Webre’s are committed to their Advocare business and helping others with their fitness and weight loss goals and look forward to seeing the success of others.