Krav Maga Kids | Krav Maga Youth

Krav Maga Youth & Krav Maga Kids is a fun way to engage our youth and children in a productive activity that will get them active. Krav Maga is a great physical workout that focuses on fitness where the benefits far exceed other types of activities. We offer two different programs for students 2nd-10th grade

Krav Maga Youth

Our Youth program is for students in the 6th-10th grade. The curriculum is taught with this Junior High and early High School students in mind. We deal with real life situations that they may encounter in their day to day life. Dealing with bullies, leaning how to not be a target, learning how to defend themselves if ever in the situation that they would need to. We focus on awareness of their environment and how to avoid potentially threatening situations at school, home or on the street.

Krav Maga Kids

Our Kids program is for grades 2nd-5th. The curriculum for this age group is fast moving and fun to keep their focus and to teach them the way that they learn. Kids this age are taught material that deals with personal safety including the importance of knowing their address, parent’s phone numbers etc. We address stranger awareness and danger as well as the importance of talking to a parent about inappropriate actions of family members and friends. Bullying is a big topic in this class with and emphasis on how to handle someone who is behaving like a bully as well as lessons on kindness and not being a bully to others.

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Students Learn Self Defense

Students learn tactical, hands on skills with real life application. The material we teach offers solutions to conflict and threatening situations that our youth deal with today. They will learn how to protect themselves from slaps, punches, kicks, shirt grabbing, neck grabbing, choking as well as solutions for ground attacks. Situations they could face at school, on the playground or at home.

Students gain Self Respect

As they grow in their ability to defend themselves, they realize the way they carry themselves teaches others how to treat them. If they have respect for themselves, others will have respect for them as well. Students learn to respect themselves as they learn the very important lesson of respecting others.

Students grow in Self Confidence

We teach our youth to be aware of their surroundings and how to defend themselves if they ever fall prey to a victim- as they grow in their skills and ability they grow in confidence. Confidence comes with achievement and success. Students who struggle with low self esteem become more confident as their skills progress.

Students master Self Control

Students actively learn how to deal relationally with people to avoid conflict. We teach students how to de-escalate conflict in the safest possible way while emphasizing the importance of avoiding a physical altercation. They learn to be self-disciplined and to not react instinctively when a situation can be handled in a better way.

Just like our adult program, the material is taught in an efficient way enabling skills to be acquired in a short amount of time to help them better defend themselves at school or on the street. We emphasize character development and teach them how to have Self Control, Self Respect, Self Confidence as they learn the life saving skills of Self Defense.

Krav Maga is a perfect option for someone looking for an alternative to traditional martial arts training. We promise a focus of Self Defense, Self Respect, Self Confidence and Self Control along with a great workout!