What Makes Us Different

  • No contracts, all programs are month to month

  • No special clubs to join to advance

  • Unlimited classes

  • Small student to instructor ratios with plenty of certified instructors

  • Proven written curriculum with outlined requirements at each rank

  • High standards for promotion

  • Same location for 10 years

  • Real world self defense

  • Original TaeKwon-Do taught from the Encyclopedia of TaeKwon-Do by the creator, Choi Hong Hi

  • No Eastern philosophies taught

  • 50 minute classes

Our classes are always fun and exciting as we teach classes that are constantly changing. Through our rotating curriculum, students learn material relevant to each belt level.

Character lessons are incorporated into our classes and through weekly mat chats. Students are taught the tenants of TaeKwon Do including courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit. Through regular training and over a period of time, students gain focus, respect, self confidence and discipline that transfers into all areas of life.

Rank Specific Classes

Students attend rank based classes that consist of material that is specific to their individual rank.

All Rank Classes

All Rank classes give students of all ranks the opportunity to train together. These classes consist of drills and activities that are common to all ranks. This class is a favorite with families that have students of varying ranks.

Power Kids

Power Kids is our program for children ages 4 through Kindergarten. Classes are structured with fast moving activities and an age appropriate curriculum. Children learn discipline including how to sit still, pay attention and follow directions. Respect is taught through learning to listen and showing respect to their instructor.

Character lessons are taught through weekly mat-chats. Students have a “character trait” each month; children of this age learn from repetition so the lesson is reinforced each week.

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“Our son started at Cypress Taekwon-do at age 4 in the Power Kids Program. Three years later and now in the Junior Black Belt program he has his sights set on becoming a black belt! Through Cypress Taekwon-do he has learned self-confidence, self-discipline, and strength in a supportive, family-friendly, highly instructive environment. Failure here is not an option; only hard work to achieve the next goal.”

Lana Head