Students learn Self Defense

Our TaeKwon-Do program is like none other. The objective of everything we teach is for the purpose of Self Defense. We feel that Belt Rank does not matter if our students can not protect themselves in their world whether they are at school, on the playground or even at work. Our syllabus incorporates self defense techniques from many several disciplines including Jui-jitsu, Krav Maga and of course TaeKwon-Do. Our goal is that our students are well rounded and able to handle themselves in all situations.

Students gain Self Respect

Through the tenats of TaeKwon-Do our students learn to carry themselves with  pride and confidence in themselves reflecting an attitude of character and worth. They learn to have pride in themselves and stand up for themselves and others. People who have Self Respect do not fall prey to bullies or people who diminish their self worth.

Students increase in Self Confidence

As students advance through the ranks they learn to persevere as they experience challenges. As they overcome setbacks they gain confidence in their ability and learn that perseverance and hard work pays off. As they achieve new skills and belt ranks, they grow in their abilities and have greater confidence as they learn to trust in their abilities and skills. People with a healthy Self Confidence are less likely to become a target or a victim.

Students master Self Control

Ongoing lessons are taught to help our students understand the control necessary to avoid conflict.  We teach them not to use their skills unless they are in a situation where they have no other choice. Conflict resolution is taught as well as how to diffuse a situation to avoid a confrontation. People who have Self Control and are taught other ways to deal with threats function better in all situations.

The benefits of TaeKwon-Do training does not end in the gym. The skills that are developed through ongoing training and advancing to Black Belt helps students achieve more in every area of their life. 

Other Ways We Are Different

  • We offer month-to-month rates with NO CONTRACTS
  • No special clubs with increased rates
  • Unlimited classes
  • Small student to instructor ratios with plenty of certified instructors
  • Proven written curriculum with outlined requirements at each rank
  • Focus on fitness and health
  • High standards for promotion
  • Same location for over 14 years
  • Real world self defense
  • Original TaeKwon-Do taught from the Encyclopedia of TaeKwon-Do by the creator, Choi Hong Hi
  • No Eastern philosophies taught
  • 50 minute classes

Our classes are always fun and exciting as we teach classes that are constantly changing. Through our rotating curriculum, students learn material relevant to each belt level.

Character lessons are incorporated into our classes and through weekly mat chats. Students are taught the tenants of TaeKwon Do including courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit. Through regular training and over a period of time, students gain focus, respect, self confidence and discipline that transfers into all areas of life.

Rank Specific Classes

Students attend rank based classes that consist of material that is specific to their individual rank.

All Rank Classes

All Rank classes give students of all ranks the opportunity to train together. These classes consist of drills and activities that are common to all ranks. This class is a favorite with families that have students of varying ranks.

Power Kids

Power Kids is our program for children ages 4 through Kindergarten. Classes are structured with fast moving activities and an age appropriate curriculum. Students are taught safety skills including stranger awareness and the importance of telling adults when bad things happen. They begin to learn Self Defense in this class as well. Children learn discipline including how to sit still, pay attention and follow directions. Respect is taught through learning to listen and showing respect to their instructor.

Character lessons are taught through weekly mat-chats. Students have a “character trait” each month; children of this age learn from repetition so the lesson is reinforced each week.

Come Experience The Difference