Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness proudly serving Cypress, TX since 2003

Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness, has classes in  Cypress, TX

 Perfect for Kids, Teens, and Adults,  Martial Arts and Self Defense classes. 

Who we Are And why You Should Train Here

Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness has been a mainstay in Cypress, TX for 20 years. Since we’ve opened, we’ve been dedicated to changing the lives of people one person at a time, through martial arts, self defense training,  education and coaching. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members. We take pride in creating an environment for individuals to achieve, develop and succeed in their personal goals.

We strongly believe that martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience levels.

We feel that people of all ages should invest in self defense training so that they can feel confident that they have the skills needed to protect themselves. 

We stand behind our realistic and practical approach, confident it will enable every member to achieve greatness and live their best life.

We know that finding a martial arts school or a place for self defense training can be overwhelming. At Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness, our priority is to help you and/or your children become better versions of yourselves.

Our expert instructors are here to learn your goals, and help you achieve them in a fun, exciting, and unique way. 

 Take a minute to read some reviews, learn more about our facility, programs, and community through our website, and social media pages and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Get To Know Our founder and lead TaeKwon-Do instructors

About Us | Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness

Robert Webre

6th Degree Black Belt

About Us | Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness

Robbie Dillon

5th Degree Black Belt

About Us | Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness

Tim Thibodeaux

5th Degree Black Belt

About Us | Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness

Emmalee Parkin

3rd Degree Black Belt