About Our School

Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness was founded in 2010 as Cypress TaeKwon-Do. We have been in our current location since the fall of 2006. A mainstay in the Cypress community, we have had the privilege of training hundreds of Cy-Fair families in our TaeKwon-Do, KickBoxing and Krav Maga programs.

Our focus in all that we do is Self Defense.

Our TaeKwonDo program has promoted countless students to the rank of Black Belt and beyond. We pride ourselves on having high testing standards. We look at Belt Testing as an opportunity for students to display the skills they have been learning and not an income stream for our business. Students only rank test when they have proven in class that they are ready to advance. Each rank includes Self Defense skills that build on the rank before. We have incorporated different Martial Arts styles into our curriculum to provide our students with the skills needed to defend themselves whether standing or on the ground. We promote quality Black Belts with the skills to be able to defend themselves in any situation. The tenets of TaeKwon-Do are taught in a way that character is developed and confidence is built as they journey to Black Belt.  We have seen dozens of families train together where the parents are learning right along side their children. We encourage family participation and allow parents to train at no monthly charge to experience the road to Black Belt as a family. We are proudly affiliated with the International TaeKwon-Do Federation and teach ITF patterns, point sparring and maintain the high testing standards this organization is known for. Most people are surprised to learn that not all TaeKwon-Do schools teach the same style or form of TaeKwon-Do. We offer TaeKwon-Do classes that teach the original forms as they were created by General Choi Hong Hi. Our emphasis is always on the technique in it’s purest form. There is a difference.

Our Kickboxing program was started in 2012 as a fitness class with a unique workout that incorporates cardio, strength training and conditioning. Different than other Kickboxing gyms; technique for the purpose of Self Defense has always been our main focus. Through training with proper technique and form our clients experience a workout that burns 500-1000 calories per class but allows them to learn foundational striking techniques that could protect them if they were ever to encounter a threatening situation. The community that is found in our Kickboxing program is encouraging and supportive. Different than trending Kickboxing gyms or big gym cardio classes, all of our classes incorporate some form of strength training through body weight or free weights as well as core strengthening exercises. All of our classes focus on increasing  coordination and flexibility to avoid injury.  Our clients experience success in weight loss, muscle building and toning as well as increased cardio ability with ongoing training. Whatever your goals are, our program helps you achieve your goals.

Our Krav Maga program was introduced in 2015. As the world has changed and threats have increased on individuals personally, nationally and across the world, the need for tactical Self Defense has increased. Krav Maga is the most widely recognized and most comprehensive reality based Self Defense system in the world today.  Where the trend in Krav Maga gyms is a fitness class coupled with Self Defense, we have taken a different approach. Our Krav Maga program is a Self Defense class first with many fitness elements to increase our students ability to have the stamina necessary to protect themselves. All of our classes are very physical in nature and offer our students a great workout. We are intentional about putting our students into real life scenarios to help them best prepare for whatever they are faced with. Our classes are for both men and women and we have recently added a Krav Maga Youth program and will be launching our Krav Maga Kids class in September 2017. We are affiliated with Krav Maga Global, an organization that has very high testing standards and requires instructor certification and ongoing training to maintain the integrity of what is taught throughout the organization. http://krav-maga.com/

Our program has a great community of men and women who enjoy training and are passionate about Self Defense.

We encourage anyone looking for Martial Arts training to stop by and see why we are different!


Robert Webre

Robert Webre
Owner \ Instructor

5th Degree Black Belt, ITF TaeKwon-Do

ITF Certified Instructor, ITF Class A Umpire

Certified KMG, Krav Maga Instructor, Level G2
RKC Kettlebell Instuctor