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Christa Julich

My daughter and I participate in Krav Maga and Kickboxing classes together. It’s exactly what we needed. We get to spend quality time with each other, learn valuable self-defense all while being a part of a supportive community that motivate us to get in shape. Krav Maga is educational and fun. Kickboxing classes are intense workouts. ZERO shaming and always supportive. When I started it was slow going but now I can kinda sorta keep up. I cannot go a week without attending at least two of each of the classes. Owners and class participants are fun and motivating. CMAF has become a second family. Welcoming, motivational teachers, fantastic workouts, encouraging community, and affordable prices.

Debbie Covey

Awesome all the way around. The management is great, the instructors are awesome, and the kickboxing workouts are awesome. So glad I joined. So in 16mos of working out. I've lost a total of almost 8lbs, and 15inches with 6 of those inches being in my waist. To me, it doesn't sound like a lot, but I feel the difference. Love my workouts, and loving the changes. Thanks for all the awesome workouts. Love you guys!

Stefanie King

If you're looking for a taekwondo gym close to home with a great program, send your kids here! My son has been here for almost 2 years and has learned SO MUCH! Wonderful owners who love the kids!

Amber Vydrzal

The Webres are absolutely wonderful! My son truly enjoys his time here, which we have never experienced while attending other martial arts facilities. The structure and environment are conducive to making the Tae Kwon Do sessions both fun and instructive. My kid always leaves happy and sweaty. I would definitely recommend this to any parent looking for an activity that teaches not only a life skill but respect and integrity as well.

C Condo

Our youngest son signed up for TKD this past fall because we were trying to find something that would fit his personality. Mr. Webre and the rest class have made sure he is enjoying and learning from his training. He loves every class!! I wanted share how impressed we have been during this time of pandemic crisis. Cypress MAF has gone above and beyond our expectations. They found ways so our son can still train and make it just as fun as being in the do-jang.

Andy Martin

I wrote a review about 3 months in. Now almost a year and a half in I have lost over 50 lbs, made lifelong friends and gained more confidence than I could have imagined. The lessons and skills learned in Krav have been applied into my normal day-to-day life. Joining these guys is a life-changing step for the better. Stick with it and see the results just as I did and many others I know.

Bridget Manning

Great instructor and wonderful place for kids to learn self-defense and character.

Arnita Henderson

I started kickboxing about 2 months ago and it has given me the skills, knowledge and strength that I have been looking for. Thank you ☺️

Lena Salih

Great environment to get some exercise and learn self-defense! Robert and Valerie are extremely knowledgeable and professional, which makes for an easy transition regardless of your skills/fitness level. I haven’t done any martial arts in almost 20 years until joining but getting into it again with just the right amount of encouragement and instruction. Whether you’re looking for doing taekwondo or kickboxing as competitive sports, cardio workouts to get in shape, or learning how to defend yourself effectively, this place has it all.

Lana Williams Head reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

We love Cypress TKD! My son has been training with them since he was 4 (now 8). Instructors are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and positive. My son has not only learned the skills needed to advance to higher levels but has learned self-confidence and perseverance. The Cypress TKD family is supportive and giving to the community as well. There are always 'drives' of some nature to assist the less-fortunate in the community.

Harris Griffin reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

Had my first of 3 trial Krav Maga classes on Wednesday. Only took one class to know that I need this in my life. Cant wait to continue on my journey to be a better person.

Billy Mitcham reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

I really enjoy working out at Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness! My son Sean and I have been going for nearly three weeks now. We are taking their classes for kickboxing and Krav Maga. Valerie, Robert and their team are very friendly and knowledgeable. Sean is really enjoying working out and it gives us something to do together.

Jennifer Taylor reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

My kids attended the bullying seminar last week. Not only did they love it and have an amazing time, but I loved it as a parent too! Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness has a very family oriented atmosphere. The owners/instructors are very knowledgable, patient, and highly skilled. My kids learned about self control, bullying, and self defense. They can't wait to go back! I highly recommend this place!

Wendi Free Crumley reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

This is such a great place with wonderful people. Wasn't sure what to expect when I joined, but found out its the perfect workout choice for me. I hated going to the gym, but look forward to the kick boxing classes here. Really great workouts with people that help to push and motivate while still having fun. I definitely recommend Cypress Martial Arts and Fitness to anyone who wants to make a change in their mental and physical health.

Jessica Zajac Cooper reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

It’s been two months since I’ve started kickboxing, which I’ve come to love. Not only a great stress reliever but each class I’m able to do more and feel confident I’m doing it correctly. Thanks to Robert and Valerie and their team.

Lety Lo reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

Ah! What a great place! I hadn't worked out in years and was looking for a place that would push me to meet my goals.... I found it here. If you are hesitant just give it a try, I'm sure glad I did. I feel stronger and stronger everyday! The kickboxing instructors are awesome!

Ashley Grotzinger-Peña reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

I love the kickboxing classes at Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness! I tried 9 Round and by far this was the better choice. All of the instructors are fantastic and no two workouts are ever the same!

Michael Stone reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

What a great facility, and wonderful atmosphere.

Gurpreet Kaur reviewed Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness
via Facebook

From the second you walk in to the moment you leave, you feel you’re apart of a wonderful family. A family that knows your true potential and pushes you to your very best with ease and comfort! The instructors provide amazing 1:1 coaching while maintaining a class of 20 people and are very knowledgeable and diverse in fitness workouts. This place is very unique and I guarantee that you won’t find another place like this!

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