Our TaeKwon-Do program is different than most! Unlike other TaeKwon-Do schools, Self Defense is the foundation of everything we teach. We feel that the rank of Black Belt holds no value if our students can not protect themselves in real life situations.  Our students gain Self Respect, grow in Self Confidence and develop Self Control in all situations through Self Defense training. We develop character through the tenets of TaeKwon-Do and on the journey to Black Belt. We understand that the more a student grows in character, the less likely they are to be a target. Our focus is on the whole student, their journey to Black Belt and who they become in the process. Our classes are fun and always changing with a curriculum that focuses on growing in character and Self Defense skills.


Power Kids

Power Kids is our program for our youngest students starting at four years old. Classes are structured with fast moving activities and an age appropriate curriculum. Students are taught safety skills including stranger awareness and the importance of telling adults when bad things happen. They begin to learn the basics of Self Defense with a focus on awareness and safety. Children learn discipline including how to sit still, pay attention and follow directions. Respect is taught through learning to listen and showing respect to their instructor.


Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a real world martial arts system that is used with military and special forces throughout the world.  Krav Maga is a practical and tactical system aimed at training how to neutralize threats and protect through self-defense, as well as a system where fighting skills are acquired when an offensive strategy is required .Krav Maga is easy to learn with a logical progression; natural and intuitive to perform, practical to employ under stressful situations; and encouraging a tactical and technical approach to self-defense and combat. Our workouts simulate real life situations as we learn how to deal with threats of all kind. Krav Maga is a great workout that exerts your entire body in a series of grabs, blocks, bends, elbows, punches, palm strikes, kicks and take downs. Tactical Self Defense training along with a workout that will get you in fighting shape.


Krav Maga Youth

Our Krav Maga Youth program is for students in the 6th-10th grade. The curriculum is taught with  Junior High and early High School students in mind. We deal with real life situations that they may encounter in their day to day life. Dealing with bullies, learning how to not be a target, learning how to defend themselves if ever in the situation that they would need to. We focus on awareness of their environment and how to avoid potentially threatening situations at school, home or on the street. We teach them the importance of Self Respect and respect for others, help them gain Self Control in handling conflict and build their Self Confidence as they become equipped with essential life skills. Our classes are fun and engaging with a rotating curriculum that is fast paced and constantly changing.


Krav Maga Kids

Our Krav Maga Kids program is for grades 2nd-5th. The curriculum for this age group is fast moving and fun to keep their focus and to teach them the way that they learn best. Children this age are taught material that deals with personal safety including the importance of knowing their address, parent’s phone numbers etc. We address stranger awareness and danger as well as the importance of talking to a parent about inappropriate actions of family members and friends. Bullying is a big topic in this class with an emphasis on how to handle someone who is acting mean as well as lessons on kindness and not being a bully to others. We instill Self Respect, teach them how to have Self Control and help them grow in Self Confidence through Self Defense training.



Our Kickboxing classes offer a great cardio workout as well as strength and flexibility training. We combine elements of Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai to provide a well rounded, full body workout. This one hour class consists of high intensity training drills, strength training with bodyweight exercises, free weights or kettlebells, Thai pad drills, and heavy bag work. Students will learn various strikes and kicks and workout using different combinations. KickBoxing burns 500-800 calories per class and provides the quickest way to get the results you are looking for.  The workout is fun and challenging for men and women of all fitness levels.


Seminars & Corporate Events

Self Defense Seminars, Specialty Seminars and Corporate Events

Equip yourself, your friends or your employees with life saving skills. In the world we live in Self Defense skills are a necessity. Increase Awareness, learn how to Avoid a potentially dangerous situation and most importantly, learn how to take Action if necessary. Hands on seminars or Lunch & Learns. We specialize in personal, group and corporate Self Defense.

Silverback Self Defense

Defend With Confidence

It’s better to know what we teach and not need it, than to need what we teach and not know it.